The "Limbo Hoodoo" is an unnamed Woolly Blue Hoodoo that first appeared in Moshi Monsters: The Movie, where the main Monsters are looking for Microwavable Oobla Doobla.

The Limbo Hoodoo was the champion of the Limbo dance tradition of the Blue Tribe, until Zommer beat them by separating body parts.

Limbo Hoodoo is a proud show-off type of person, stroking their mohawk whenever they are praised and bursts out in tears after losing their title.


They are able to stretch their own body (something never seen before in Hoodoo atonomy), making them as tall as Poppet. It is uncertain if this is a personal trait or something more Hoodoos can do.

Movie edit Limbo Hoodoo transformation

Their mask is more of a face which allows them to express emotion. They have a "painted" monobrow -which can move- and their mouth is fully visible through the mask. Their right horn is broken.