"Roarker" is an unreleased Moshi Monsters character, found on a blog post from a visitor to Mind Candy's office in 2014. Judging by the placement of the covered Food Factory game next to it, one can assume that the character would unveil new Food Factory games for you.


  • The file of the character's assets are called "Roarker" so as such is called by that name as the official name is unknown.
    • Roarkers in Moshi Monsters have names, so this character's name is most likely not Roarker.
  • As seen on the computer in the image below, Ross McCaughey designed this character.
    • Also seen on the computer are faint sketches for other concepts for this character. It appears one of the original concepts was to have this character much chubbier than they are in the finalised design.


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