49 Pence is a character in Moshi Monsters and parody of artist 50 Cent.

49 Pence is an alias for, as revealed by his biography, his real name is Colin Clump.

His song, "Catch a Pitch or Try Cryin'", appears in The Underground Disco.


Catch a Pitch or Try Cryin (pun on "Get Rich or Die Tryin'")

49 Pence - Catch a Pitch or Try Cryin’


[citation needed]
So called for the change in his pocket left after he spent all his Rox on Eye Scream Sundaes and Starlight Cookies, 49 Pence loves to eat as much as he does make tunes.
Yo man, say wassup to 49 Pence (real name: Colin Clump), the bad boy rapper who's just a penny short of a full fifty. An ex-member of the Monstro City Massive, this fast-talking king of bling looks pretty fly when he's cruising around town in his Rox-encrusted limo, but the truth is his mommy still irons his pants and he cuddles his teddy at night! (Keep it quiet or he'll bust up your crib and diss your momma in his next rap.)
Despite a long-running feud with rival rapper Poop Soggy Bogg, 49 Pence is a popular lil' monster and often treats fans to surprise performances at his club, the Drainbow Bar. Gimme five!


Rox covered jewellery and his own 49 Pence branded sneakers.


Boring times and crummy rhyme.


Mash-Up Cards

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