5 Inch Moshling Plush

5 Inch Moshling Plush

Release Date December 2012
Category Soft Toys

The 5 Inch Moshling Plush are a collection of 12 Moshlings plush toys. Unlike other plush toys, this collection's plush are flat and are not created by any previous plush toy brands, making them unique.

The toys are extremely obscure, and as such rarely seen and information is scarce. Only one site, iddybiddygifts has them listed however they are unavailable.


  • Adorable mini Moshi Monsters Moshlings Plush!
  • Own your favorite Moshi Monsters Moshling in mini Plush form!
  • Collect all 12!

Now, you can have your very own mini Moshling plush pet from the hit Moshi Monsters franchise with this adorable Moshi Monsters 5-inch Moshling Plush Set! Featuring all of the adorable Moshlings in adorable plush design, this set of plush dolls is an absolute must-have! Buy yours today! This set of plush Moshlings contains 12 individually packaged plush dolls and may include the following (subject to change):

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