Agony Ant is an ant-like creature, who is Monstro City's most well-known fortune teller. She usually blogs on The Daily Growl telling the players what will happen in Monstro City and the game itself in the future.

Her most recent appearance was in the Official Annual 2013.


Character Encyclopedia

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Got a monster problem? Need some goopendous advice? Then talk to Agony Ant. She may be one of Monstro City's smallest residents, but she has some BIG advice. Agony Ant has a regular column in The Daily Growl, in which she passes on her wisdom to any troubled monster readers.
Mystical mission
Agony doesn’t think of her job as work – she loves sharing her monsterific psychic predictions with her furry readers.
Teen Agony
As a young Ant, Agony used to hang out in Hokery Pokery Heights. It was there that she met a gaggle of Woolly Blue Hoodoos and some Furry Heebees. These wise old Moshlings taught her everything they knew about fortune telling and mysticism – and Agony Ant found her calling!
Data file
Hangout: The Daily Growl office
Job: Psychic fortune teller
Newspaper chums: Roary Scrawl, Ruby Scribblez

  • Agony's antennae start to quiver when she has a "psychic" feeling.
  • Funky green glasses help Agony gaze into her crystal ball.
  • The "mystic" look is completed with a flowing robe and crystal necklace.


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A gaggle of Woolly Blue Hoodoos and a few Furry Heebees taught Agony Ant everything they know about fortune telling up in Hokery Pokery Heights. Now she regulary graces the pages of The Daily Growl to bestow her wisdom on its readers.

The Official Collectable Figures Guide

A gaggle of Woolly Blue Hoodoos and a few Furry Heebees taught Agony Ant everything they know about fortune-telling up in Hokery Pokery Heights. Now she graces the pages of The Daily Growl regularly to bestow her wisdom onto its readers.

Moshi Monsters A-Z

Fortune teller and mystic extraordinaire. Agony Ant writes the Horror-scopes in Moshi Monsters Mag, too. Got a burning question? She's the one to ask!


  • On the Official Annual 2013, it states she is the size of a Moshling without being one as stated in the Moshi Magazine.
    • She is shown to be the of much smaller size instead (that of an ant) in the video "Safer Internet Day 2014", and thus her size is rather inconsistent. This larger scale is most likely just to make it easier to distinguish her from a normal ant.





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