App Monsters is a Moshi Monsters Application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. You also need an App Monsters soft toy for this.


Bring your App Monsters soft toy to life with this monsterific app! Simply download this free app, launch, insert your iPod touch or iPhone into your App Monsters soft toy and prepare for endless monstery fun.

Move, shake or poke to see it react. Touch its mouth to feed it. Ignore it and it’ll get grumpy. Lay it on its back to put it to sleep. But that’s only the beginning – tilt your monster to access moshi-tastic modes including Moshi Monster, Super Moshi, Moshi Dress-up, and Moshi DJ.


  • Brings your App Monsters soft toy to life!
  • Move, shake or touch its face and it’ll behave like a real Moshi Monster!
  • Leave it alone and it’ll get grumpy.
  • Send to sleep by lying on its back.
  • Tilt left to turn into a Super Moshi.
  • Tilt right to play Dress-up.
  • Tilt forward to turn your Moshi Monster into a Moshi DJ.
  • Plays pre-loaded music and music from your iPod Library when you create a playlist called “Moshi music”.
  • Hold upside down at any time to return to Monster mode


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