As Seen On TV is a collection of items that Cap'n Buck wished for upon meeting a Sea Genie in 2009. This is thus different from the usual loot gathering from a location as Buck visited no specific location.

Cap'n Buck Is Back!

August 16, 2009

Cap'n Buck is back, and this time he's brought back new items from TV. TV!?! Remember the Moshi TV ad? Somehow Cap'n Buck was able to find the floor, wallpaper, door, & windows from the TV ad and bring them to Monstro City!

I was lucky enough to catch him for a quick interview so I could find out more about these mysterious new items.

RS: Hello Cap'n Buck! Welcome back to The Port. We're always glad to see ya!
CB: 'tis good t' be aft. I`ve been at sea fer too long! Always good t' get off me sea legs.
RS: So how in the world did you take the room items out of the TV Ad?? We're all dying to know!
CB: I met a magical sea genie who granted me one wish. I had been watchin` TV an' saw th' Moshi ad an' I noticed that th' room on th' TV wasn`t anywheres in Monstro CIty!
RS: So you wished for the "As Seen On TV Room!"
CB: errr... nay, I asked fer unlimited wishes, but she spake that wasn`t allowed. So I wisht fer th' TV stuff instead 'cause 'twas th' first thing to come to me head.
RS: Well I'm glad you wished for it. I can't wait to see the items!
CB: I gotta go man th' ship so I can sell me stuff. Be seein' ye later!

It's always great to see good ol' Cap'n Buck. He always has the craziest stories, doesn't he?


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