The Astro Gremlins are an alien species outside of the Moshi planet.

They were first featured on The Daily Growl and debutted in the Super Moshi MissionKick Some Asteroid.

Personality & Habits

Scavenger-like and inconsiderate.

They dismantle anything mechanical, such as Rover, and possibly also caused the state of Wally's ship.



Gremlins[1] as creatures in real life were introduced in WWI as tiny mischievous creatures who would dismantle aircrafts and cause all type of inconvenience. They were depicted as small clown-like people. The more popularized interpretation of them -outside of Disney- is the 1984 comedy horror film "Gremlins"[2], where they appear as extremely dangerous small green reptilian-like bipedals with giant ears.

The Astro Gremlins are a homage to the 1984 film's interpretation by having similarity in design and not limiting themselves to dismantling "aircrafts" as they have dismantled Rover. They are also scared off by light flashes.

Astro Gremlins are short, crouching creatures with big purple eyes to see and move in their dark tunnel complex. They wear purple shirts with an orange triangle on them. In artwork, they come in different shapes (a rare sight of care for character design) but only the middle one was used as an intractable NPC. They all appear in the Mission Mini Game "Gremlin Scare! Rover Repair".

Roary Scrawl -who found a picture of them stuck on a meteor that landed on Bleurgh Beach- prompted three names for the creatures. Goggle-Eyed Space Babies and Drooling Cosmic Elves were the other options.


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