This year's Moshi Fest Concert will be roarsome!
Auntie Wobbleson is a character in Moshi Monsters and is the auntie of Snozzle WobblesonSnozzani, and Wobblesan.

She debutted at the Moshi Fest selling homemade food.


Magazine Description
Is it a cauliflower trapped in a balloon or an alien sponge squished into a mitten? Don't be silly, it's Auntie Snozzle and when she's not busy nagging her nephew Snozzle, she enjoys selling yucky homemade snacks on her stall.


Like her colleague Spewy, she lost her instrument to summon a stall monster. Super Moshi is not familiar with the monster as a stall and Auntie explain it's very handy. "At the end of the day, he packs himself away!" Super Moshi's ultimate goal is to get to Zack Binspin and learning what happened that caused him to be too out of it to face his fans. Auntie apparently knows it has to do with Zack having lost his teddy bear and does not show much empathy. "What a stroppy little starlet!"


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