Banana Montana, alter ego Smiley Cyrus is a character in Moshi Monsters and is a parody of Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. She is a yellow banana with green hair (wig), a dark green skirt and a white shirt.

Her song, "The Fall", appears in The Underground Disco (Game).


The Fall (pun of 'The Climb' by Miley Cyrus)

Banana Montana - The Fall



By day she's just a plain plantain but by night she's a popstar sensation. Believe it or not, take off that green wig and nobody recognizes her!

Looking good, peeling great, Banana Montana is the goody two-shoes sensation who's, like, totally awesome! Despite her youth this fruity pop star has racked up several smash hits and even stars in her own MonstroVision show, and that's pretty amazing seeing as her seriously uncool dad is the has-been rocker, Billy Ray Virus! Ewwww!

Speaking of erm, slightly older singers, Banana grew up listening to Rhubarbra Streisand and Tina Turnip, but these days she loves sassy rockers like Avril le Scream. Her motto: "Love the skin you're in." One thing's for sure, this green-haired gal's future sure looks ripe. Time to split!


Ice cream and peeling good!


Monkeys and slipping off stage.





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