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Beanstalk Bounce is a game in Moshi Monsters which released on August 5th 2013 as part as the Great Moshi Beanstalk.

In order the climb the beanstalk, monsters must play Beanstalk Bounce to get further up.

When they get to a new place on the beanstalk, the design of Beanstalk Bounce will change to match the play they are in. When traveling up the beanstalk, players must complete mini quests.

There are three in each level (except in the Lolly Landing level, where there are only two). The first two (with the exception of Lolly Landing) are for Rox and XP, the third (or second for Lolly Landing) is for a Moshling.

Moshling Power Ups

When the player completes a part, they will obtain a Moshing. All four Moshlings have a special power up, listed below.

Moshling Power Up
Twaddle Jump Higher TGMB Beanstalk Bounce Twaddle selected
Grinny Fall Slower TGMB Beanstalk Bounce Grinny selected
Slurpy Mega Boost TGMB Beanstalk Bounce Slurpy selected
Weeny Extra Life TGMB Beanstalk Bounce Weeny selected


Levels/ Parts/ Locations

Monster Icons


The Moshi Frosty Games

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