Beasties Jungle Hut (merchandise item)


UK RRP £10.00
USA Price $16.99
Category Playset
Age Recommendation 3+

The Beasties Jungle Hut is one of the Moshling Habitats in the Moshling Habitats Collection.

Figures With The Hut

Each packet comes with a normal Beasties figure and a colour change Beasties figure. 

Each hut can come with:

First Moshling - Normal

Second Moshling - Colour Change

  • Humphrey and ShiShi
  • Jeepers and ShiShi
  • Burnie and ShiShi
  • Humphrey and Jeepers
  • ShiShi and Jeepers
  • Burnie and Jeepers
  • Humphrey and Burnie
  • Jeepers and Burnie
  • ShiShi and Burnie
  • Jeepers and Humphrey
  • ShiShi and Humphrey 
  • Burnie and Humphrey


Give your Beasties a place to live with the Moshi Habitat Playset- Jungle Hut. Beasties can be feriocious, but are really just a bunch of softies who love hanging out in their Jungle Hut! This fun playset comes with two Moshling figures, including a special one that changes color. 

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