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Big Bad Bill


Set Spookies
Number 089
Species Woolly Blue Hoodoo
Rarity Ultra-rare
Figure Series 1
Release Date September 8th 2008
Big bad bill

Big Bad Bill the Woolly Blue Hoodoo is an Ultra Rare Moshling in the Spookies set in Moshi Monsters. He's both an important recurring character in the Super Moshi Missions as the only Hoodoo available in the Moshling Zoo. Big Bad Bill Is A Woolly Blue Hoodoo! (Go Do The Hoodoo!) is a song about him, performed by Buster Bumblechops.

He does not lead the Woolly Blue Hoodoo tribe but does seem to be in a high position. He is in charge of the Hoodoo stew as he is mostly found steering the cauldron. Like Big Chief Bill, he is capable of casting spells.

Through the storyline of the missions, he has always acted as an ally, the joke being a seemingly troublesome tribe was not so bad afterall. But in Moshling Rescue! he functions as a villain who's motivations are simply wanting to cause trouble as the lyrics: "Gotta throw a party but I gotta do my voodoo" in Trapped in Gummy! imply.


Star black Star blue Berries yellow


Woolly Blue Hoodoos are wise, old Moshlings who know everything about lotions, potions, hexes and spells. If you've got a pain in the rear, or a bug in your ear, these helpful furballs will cure it before you can say 'umba-wanga-thlunk'. Maybe even faster. They are never seen without their mystical Staffs of Power. Woolly Blue Hoodoos are really scared of teaspoons. Maybe they don't like their own medicine.


Naturally Nomadic, Woolly Blue Hoodoos wander vast areas in search of enlightenment and bald peaches. Rumour has it they come from a lost tribe found deep down in the Gombala Gombala Jungle.



Wise, mystical, generous.


Deep massage and deep fried Oobla Doobla.


Clowns and itchy eyeballs.



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