Billy Bob Baitman is a fisherman, in Moshi Monsters. He can be found at the end of Sludge Street, near to the 'For Rent' building.


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Day after day, Billy Bob Baitman's catch of the day is the same old boot! This unlucky fisherman sits on the pier at the end of Sludge Street, scanning the lake waters in vain. For poor Billy, three eyes are definitely not better than one, but he is sure he'll hook a fish one day. If nothing else he might get a different boot, so he'd have a matching pair!
Every time Billy Bob feels movement at the end of the line, he’s excited that he might haul in a fish, but it’s always the same green boot!
Bolognese bait
Billy once decided to try a new tactic and use the meatball from his sandwich as bait. Unfortunately Cali the Valley Mermaid swiped the meatball off his hook for dinner, leaving a very hungry fisherman! Poor Billy had to sit and smell the delicious scent of Cali’s Bolognese wafting across the water.
Data file
Location: Lake at the end of Sludge Street
Job: Fisherman
Ambition: To catch a fish!
Often spotted: Waiting in the same spot for hours

  • Billy wears a peaked cap to keep the sun out of his three eyes when fishing
  • Fishing rod made out of a long tree branch
  • Bright red bait on the end of Billy's line - but the fish don't seem to like it!


Giving it his all for a fisherman's haul, Billy Bob Baitman could do with a few tips because the only thing he's caught lately is an old boot. Billy Bob is still fishing for the other boot to make a matched pair.


  • When becoming a Super Moshi, players will have to get a letter from him and other Monsters to get the ruby key.


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