Black Jack is a black Glump, who was named by a player named raroroo, with a spiky piece of hair on the top of his head and ten shiny teeth in his lips. He also has three spots on each of his cheeks.


Character Encyclopedia

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It was truly a dark day when evil villain Dr Strangeglove’s Glumping Machine spewed out the ball of badness that was to become Black Jack. Once a cute Moshling, this dangerous critter is now not only mean, but is the most ruthless Glump known to Glumpkind. Even the other Glumps quake at the sight of his ugly face!
Crashing cannonballs!
With his red eyes fuming and mouth drooling, Black Jack loves to shoot like a cannonball through the city streets, knocking monsters off their furry feet.
Crazy crook
Black Jack has learnt well from his master, the elusive Dr Strangeglove. On the Doctor’s orders, he sneaks around Monstro City, scaring innocent Moshlings out of their hairy skins. The wicked Glump also disrupts the Super Moshis’ heroic missions, by getting in their way and causing chaos!
Data file
Location: Top Secret
Job: C.L.O.N.C. minion
Features: Threatening stare, spotty skin

  • Tuft of purple, spiky hair is good for poking victims.
  • Slimy grey and purple spots.
  • Big clenched teeth are bared in menace


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Mad, bad and dangerous to know, Black Jack is one mean Glump. Even other steer clear of this fearsome ball of fury – especially if he’s knocking down the citizens of with a Cannonball Cavalcade!

The Official Collectable Figures Guide

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Black Jack is known as the meanest Glump in Monstro City. Even the other Glumps fear his fearsome Cannonball Cavalcade attack!


  • Black Jack appears to be missing a tooth in Thump O Glump, yet he does not anywhere else.



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