Bleurgh Beach is a location in Moshi Monsters. As its name states, it is a beach and was first featured in Mission 2: Voyage Under Potion Ocean.

Then, on the 13th February 2012, it was made available for all users to visit, earmarking it as a non-member location. It is featured to the south of the Map. Additionally, there is a sandcastle game called Quick! Sand!, in which you can create your own custom sandcastles whilst simultaneously at the clock.

There is a shop on the beach called Baz Barnacle's, a shop owned by a character sharing its namesake, Baz Barnacle, who sells loot that he supposedly borrows from his cousin, Captain Buck E. Barnacle.Baz Barnacle#Who is Baz?

On Thursday 9th May 2013, three additional shops were released, namely Boot-eek!, McDolphins and Kate's Deck N' Sails, all of which sell pirate-related items.


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The coral reef of the Bleurgh Lagoon is the natural habitat of the energetic Acrobatic SeaStars.



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Jaunty Jack's Shouty Shack

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Quick! Sand!

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