Bloopy is a blue Glump, who was named by a player named annija70, with no containing teeth a small bit of purple ruffled hair and big pink spots and lips. There was a poll in The Daily Growl once where monsters voted on their favourite Glump; Bloopy ranked #1 in such.


Character Encyclopedia

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What’s blue, blobby and badly behaved? Bloopy, of course! A mopey member of villainous Dr Strangeglove’s naughty gang of Glumps, Bloopy is always down in the dumps. Well, wouldn’t you be monstrously depressed if your face looked like a squished blueberry?
Super Glump!
When Bloopy reamed up with the sickly criminal Sweet Tooth to cause monster mayhem, the Super Moshi heroes had to morph in to a Bloopy look-alike to gain entry in to the Candy Cane Caves. Yuck – not a good Super Moshi look!
Blob of badness
It’s hard to believe that Glumps started life as cute, cuddly little Moshlings, before the sinister Dr Strangelgove got his hand(s) on them. Bloopy is a prime example. He loves to splat Moshlings with his Mega Glump Thumps – there is nothing cute about that!
Data file
Location: Top Secret
Job: C.L.O.N.C. minion
Features: Blue flabby skin, gloomy expression

  • Spiky purple clump of greasy Glump hair.
  • Large pink miserable mouth is always moaning and groaning.


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Bloopy is feeling blue. But so would you if you had a face like a squished blueberry! Anyway, don’t take pity because this badly-behaved blob loves splatting Moshlings with Mega Glump Thumps. Ouch!

The Official Collectable Figures Guide

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Bloopy likes nothing better than splatting Moshlings with Mega Glump Thumps. Perhaps it's because this badly behaved blob feels blue. But so would you if you had a face like a squished blueberry!



Mash Up Cards


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