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Bobbi SingSong the Jollywood Singaling is a Common Moshling from the RoxStars set in Moshi Monsters, who is a Bollywood singer.


Preview welcome to jollywood


If you've never been to Jollywood (it is jolly good) chances are you've no idea how famous Bobbi SingSong really is. A legend in his distant homeland this Moshling gooperstar's smash it 'Welcome to Jollywood' has even been adopted as Jollywood's national anthem. If only he could remember his mantra! Despite his fame, Bobbi drives everywhere in his own luxury rickshaw - and I should know because he recently took me for a spin. It was great fun- until he started to show me that 'judder sideways' move of his. We nearly ended up in a pothole. Goodness gracious me!

Mini Bio

A legend in his distant homeland, this Moshling's smash hit song 'Welcome To Jollywood' has been adopted as Jollywood's national anthem. When he's not trying to remember his mantra, Bobbi enjoys dodging potholes in his fancy rickshaw. Jolly good!

The Official Collectable Figures Guide

With his smash hit 'Welcome to Jollywood' which, incidentally, is jolly good, Bobbi SingSong has found fame. With Jollywood having adopted his number one as their national anthem, he has become a living legend in his homeland. When he's not meditating, he mostly whoops it up with his sitar. Just don't offer him a glass of Wobble-ade or suggest any dilly-dallying!


Hab bobby singsong

Jollywood of course, but Bobbi should be coming to a town very near you!



Jolly, doolally, hyperenergetic.


Meditating and playing his sitar.


Wobble-ade and dilly-dallying.


  • When you click on him, his music is cut from "Welcome to Jollywood".
  • The Super Moshi Mission, 'Welcome to Jollywood!', where you are rewarded with Bobbi's, shares the name of his hit single.
  • In the contents section of the Ultimate Moshlings Collectors Guide Bobbi's name is spelt with a 'Y' not an 'I'.
    • This same error occurs in Series 3 Micro Moshi.
  • Bobbi's song, 'Welcome to Jollywood' appears on the Moshi Monsters album, Music Rox.
  • Bobbi is voiced by Rajesh David in Moshi Monsters: The Movie.
  • Bobbi owns a sitar, which is a musical instrument. It is shaped like an apple and is green. The sitar appeared on the Gooperstars World Tour saga during September/October 2013.




Shoney the Amazin' Blazin' Raisin (Song)

Moshi Monsters: The Movie


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