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Bongo Colada Contraption

Bongo Colada is a game playable at the Food Factory, in which players can create Bongo Colada (Drink) that can be given to their Moshlings to quench their thirst. This is rewarded with Moshling Stars and thus eventually Moshling Star Rewards.

Bongo Colada Select

Unlike Pizza Game or The Cupcake Hut, Bongo Colada features two playable games, with a third coming up. The difference between the games is not much more than a change of scenery but to objective of smashing a variety of four types of fruit by pressing the SPACE button when it comes across a certain area is the same.

Bongo Colada Game banana Bongo Colada Game blueberry Bongo Colada Game strawberry Bongo Colada Game watermelon

There are a total of four levels of quality you can achieve:-

  • Alright! - Somewhere around the 200 points
  • Good! - Somewhere around the 1000 points
  • Slurpy - Between 1200 points and 1500 points
  • Slurptastic! - 1500 points or higher.


Bongo Colada HeadButt

Two bongos are smashing their tops together once the monkey drops the fruit. Occasionally, they drop bombs, which you must avoid smashing.

Bongo Colada Game bombDon't smash this! Bongo Colada Game headbutt bongo left Bongo Colada Game headbutt bongo right Bongo Colada Game headbutt background


Bongo Colada ButtSmash

One big bongo uses its rear to smash fruits passing by on a conveyor belt. Look out for cactuses though; sitting on those is not comfortable.

Bongo Colada Game buttsmash background Bongo Colada Game buttsmash bongo Bongo Colada Game cactusDon't sit on this!



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