Bonkers is a decorative character in Moshi Monsters that can be found in The Underground Tunnels in front of the The Secret Tunnel. They made their debut as an NPC in Pop Goes the Boo Boo.


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The rare critter Bonkers is probably the only one of his kind. When not chillin' and eating Pop Rox in his Sludgetown Apartment, he hangs out near the entrance to The Underground Disco. This crowd please has learned to do tricks to entertain the Underground dwellers in order to earn enough Rox to pay his rent.
Jumping japes!
Bonkers knows the more bonkers his tricks are, the more Rox the rich monstro-rati disco crowd will throw his way. His most bonkers to date is his spectacular double somersault back-flip!
Agent Bonkers
The rocks that Bonkers sits on in the Underground Tunnels hide a secret archway in the wall. Once, he used a magic trick to make the rocks disappear so the Super Moshis could use the opening to reach a hidden C.L.O.N.C. lab on one of their secret missions.
Data file
Hangout: The Underground Tunnels
Job: Doing tricks to earn Rox for his rent
Likes: Jumping

  • Big googly eyes give Bonkers his... well, bonkers look!
  • Springy legs and feet made for jumping!
  • Long striped tail helps Bonkers launch himself for a back-flip.


Possibly the only one of his kind, Bonkers has learned to perform acrobatic tricks to make enough Rox for his rent at Sludgetown apartments. Bonkers' favourite food is Pop Rox.


In Pop Goes the Boo Boo, Bonkers assists Super Moshi by offering them an alternative route to where the suspicious paparazzo fled, as they say you will not be able to go through the "evil door"

Bonkers calls for your attention in a rather enthusiastic manner ("Hey! Hey! Hey! Super Moshi!") as he tells you to go through "here". Super Moshi, confused, carefully greets him. Insisting on you to hurry, he chants some sort of spell which makes the entrance "wake up". The entrance's eye comes to life and telepathically lifts up the pile of rocks in front of it, only to go back into it's slumber.


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