Brutha Bubba is a character in Moshi Monsters. He is the twin brother of Bubba the Bouncer, the bouncer of the Underground Disco. They look exactly alike, but differ in tattoos and clothes as well as body language.

He is the bodyguard of Zack Binspin and acts caringly for him, more so than Blingo. He smiles a lot and seems gentle, which is completely opposite from his frowning stern brother.

He is a Music Videos exclusive character and has appeared in Moptop Tweenybop (My Hair's Too Long), Go Do The Hoodoo, Diggin' Ya Lingo and Head Over Heels. He wears a blue cap, blue dungarees, a white shirt, grey gloves and brown boots. He has a scar above his left eye and a monobrow. He has a tattoo of a love heart, lightning and a Moshling with writing above it saying 'MOM'.



Bubba's Brother is the twin brother of Bubba and Zack Binspin's personal bodyguard. You can tell him and his brother apart because he has a scar above his left eye, whereas Bubba has a scar above his right eye. Simple when you know how!


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