Bug Rush is a game released along with Moshi Movie Mystery in Moshi Monsters. The aim of the game is to collect a certain amount of bugs in a certain amount of time. At the end you are awarded with Blinki. Bug Rush was also one of the four events that occurred in The Moshi Frosty Games.

Big Bad Bill quotes:

  • Uhoh, looks like Blinki is in trouble! Let's go rescue him in FIREFLY MAYHEM! Click PLAY to start!
  • Goopendous flies! Perfect for my potion! Just *number* more to win a prize!
  • Catch some more flies to charge up Blinki. Let's get this potion nice and stinky!

Obtaining bugs

  • Super Moshi - Can catch purple Bugs
  • Fitch - Can catch purple and green Bugs
  • Jackson - Can catch green, purple and blue Bugs
  • Marty - Can catch green, purple, blue and yellow Bugs

Bug Rush Meter

  • Light Pink Head - Light Pink Head Dress Up Item and XP
  • Dark Green Head - Dark Green Head Dress Up Item and XP
  • Orange Head - Orange Head Dress Up Item and XP
  • Light Green Head - Light Green Head Dress Up Item and XP
  • Dark Pink Head - Dark Pink Head Dress Up Item and X
  • Blinki Statue - Unlock Blinki for your Moshling Zoo and XP


The Moshi Frosty Games

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