C.L.O.N.C. (Criminal League of Naughty Critters) is a group of villainous monsters in Moshi Monsters. The goal of the organization has swayed between either taking over the world or destroying it and their motives remain a mystery.

As a C.L.O.N.C. member, you have access to evil goodies you can order through a monthly magazine (Monstrous Biographies: Dr. Strangeglove). Being part of the organization, members usually work on their own with the help of Glumps and seemingly are let loose to wallow in wickedness in the name of C.L.O.N.C. Making it hard to tell who is involved with C.L.O.N.C., having Glumps as employees/minions has become an indicator.

Storyline in the Super Moshi Missions have shown that C.L.O.N.C. member status can be reverted, ended by a member or given without consent.

Dr. Strangeglove and the Glumps are the first known C.L.O.N.C. members and are also the most commonly seen antagonists.


With the debut of Commander Sassafras, who is the mind behind C.L.O.N.C.'s military strategy, so did the fact debut that C.L.O.N.C. actually has one. All three areas, Air Forces, Navies and Armies where shown throughout fiction. Ranks where only revealed to be held among Glumps and Commander Sassafras. Most likely, Bratworst also carries a rank.

C.L.O.N.C.'s Air Forces made their debut with the introduction of the Scare Force One in Season 1: Mission 3: Strangeglove From Above and several Glumps shown to shoot from aircrafts. In the Movie, the Scare Force One was under command of Commander Pong, whose rank is that of the Navies, meaning they might consider the Scare Force One more of a ship than an aircraft.

Near to conclusion of Season 2, in Season 2: Mission 9: Missing On A Star, C.L.O.N.C. was shown having an entire space station, protected by Glumponauts. Commander Sassafras made his debut here with his vessel, a ship with sails that has flight abilities. His vessel makes its return in Season 3: Mission 4: The Secret Treasure of Potion Ocean, as he sails on Potion Ocean with it.

After the second update in Moshling Rescue!, Glumps began to wear helmets that had their rank on top; either Private, Corporal or Sergeant. Making a gummy combination next to them made them lose their rank to a lower one, and if Private, lose the helmet entirely. This would be the debut of their Armies (Field Military). Sassafras's baton, the traditional sign of a Field Marshal, already showed some sort of hint to Armies, as well as his biography describing him positioning Glump figurines on his campaign table, which is mostly done to plan field-based actions.

In Season 3: Mission 2: Choc-O-Dile Blues, a squad of Glumps was hired by Biggie Diddles III, consisting of Fishlips, Ned, Fabio and Rocko as their commander.


Life isn't always a bowl of Swirlberry Muffins for the monsters of Moshi world. At times – all too frequently, in fact – the peace of Monstro City is broken by the mischievous machinations of the Criminal League Of Naughty Critters – known as C.L.O.N.C. for short. A mish-mash of felonious misfits, included among their number are the villainous Dr. Strangeglove, his Glumps, Sweet Tooth (who's mad, bad and dangerous to slurp), Frau Now BrownKau, Big Chief Tiny Head, Commander Sassafras, Biggie Diddles III and the Robo-Quacks.

Character Encyclopedia


C.L.O.N.C (the Criminal League of Naughty Critters) has many mysterious members, including the dastardly Dr. Strangeglove. Along with his cohorts in crime, this twisted Glumper extraordinaire plans to bring Monstro City to its knees. Mwah-ha-ha-haaa!


Dr. Strangeglove

Dr. Strangeglove

In order to become "Super", Dr. Strangeglove, previously "Lavender Troggs", joined C.L.O.N.C. while he was still in college and the organization was only starting to be founded. Due to his means of experimenting on Moshlings, his college friend Elder Furi snitched on him, causing the two to have a broken relationship of betrayal.
In the events of the Doctors' experiments, a Musky Husky he experimented on bit off his hand, causing him to order a replacement and coincidentally granting him his new name.

Both his new hand as his munched hand are individuals. New hand is usually minding its own business when Dr. Strangeglove does not use it. It can be hypnotized.Snow Way Out!
His old hand has become a spirit that has become jealous and bitter. It wants to return to its master. It also has a fear of Musky Huskies due to them causing its death.

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

A fallen star, Sweet Tooth the Candy Clown is a skilled with hypnotism, poisoning and masquerades. They get violent when one is to question their gender and fear dentist drills. They are very flamboyant and loud in the way they act, speak and occasionally dress.


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