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Rare moshlings are moshlings are harder than Uncommon moshlings to capture. Moshlings that have the numbers going from 52 to 77 are Rare moshlings. Rare moshlings require 2 seeds of a certain color that is required and 1 that is random (in other words, any color the plant grows into). Example of a Rare moshling is Ecto since his combination is 2 seeds of a certain color which is required and 1 seed that is, in any color it grows into, in other words, Red Love Berries, Black Love Berries, and Any Hot Silly Peppers;

Below is a list of Rare moshlings and how to get them.

052 Coolio (Foodies) Star Blosson (ANY) Love Berries (BLACK) Snap Apple (PINK)
053 Fumble (Fishies) Star Blossom (ANY) Love Berries (YELLOW) Magic Beans (YELLOW)
054 Flumpy (Fluffies) Star Blossom (ANY) Magic Beans (RED) Moon Orchid (BLACK)
055 White Fang (Puppies) Moon Orchid (RED) Magic Beans (RED) Crazy Daisy (ANY)
056 Mr Snoodle (Ponies) Hot SIlly Peppers (ANY) Dragon Fruit (Yellow) Hot Silly Peppers (PURPLE)
057 Honey (Fluffies) Magic Beans (ANY) Love Berries (YELLOW) Snap Apple (BLUE)
059 Hansel (Foodies) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Magic Beans (BLACK) Moon Orchid (BLACK)
060 Ecto (Spookies) Hot SIlly Peppers (ANY) Love Berries (RED) Love Berries (Black)
061 Liberty (Worldies) Love Berries (BLACK) Love Berries (RED) Love Berries (ANY)
065 Tiki (Birdies) Star Blossom (ANY) Love Berries (PINK) Love Berries (RED)
070 O’REally (Luckies) Star Blossom (ANY) Dragon Fruit (Yellow) Dragon Fruit (Blue)
071 Peppy (Birdies) Moon Orchid (ANY) Magic Beans (YELLOW) Moon Orchid (RED)
072 Cali (Fishies) Magic Beans (ANY) Love Berries (YELLOW) Love Berries (BLUE)
073 Jeepers (Beasties) Love Berries (ANY) Snap Apple (BLUE) Crazy Daisy (RED)
074 Prof. Purples (Birdies) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Love Berries (PINK) Moon Orchid (YELLOW)
077 Waldo (Kitties) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Love Berries (PINK) Star Blossom (RED)




Yoyo (Hipsters) 

Star Blossom (YELLOW)

Crazy Daisy (YELLow

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