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Chop Chop the Cheeky Chimp is a Common Moshling from the Ninjas set.


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As well as being part-time ninjas, Cheeky Chimps are full-time jokers. They leave a trail of whoopee cushions, banana skins and stink bombs wherever they roam. In fact these playful primates just don't know when to stop. And that can be pretty funny, unless the joke's on me. Over the years I've been pelted with gooberries, squirted by plastic flowers, and even had ink smeared around my spinoculars. Watch out, or you could end up with a face full of custard pie and a rubber chicken in your soup.

Mini Bio

As well as being part-time ninjas, Cheeky Chimps are full-time jokers. They leave a trail of whoopee cushions, banana skins and stink bombs wherever they go. These playful primates just don't know when to stop. So watch out or you could end up with a faceful of custard pie and a rubber chicken in your soup.

The Official Collectable Figures Guide

Sniggerton Wood is where the Cheeky Chimps practise their ninja moves and not-so ninjas jokes. These cheerful chaps are jolly jesters and like nothing more than playing tricks on unsuspecting targets! Watch your chair when there's a Cheeky Chimp around, as you might find yourself seated on a whoopee cushion or with your shoelaces tied together.
Experts can track this monkey mayhem by following the trail of itching powder, banana skins and stink bombs. The trouble is Cheeky Chimps just can't help themselves when it comes to practical jokes. As far as they're concerned, the more custard pies and rubber chickens their life involves, the better!

Character Encyclopedia


Cheeky Chimps like Chop Chop have had years of stealth training and know how to kung-fu kick better than any Moshling. But that's just a part time job. They're actually full-time jesters with a passion for playing tricks. They like to drop banana peels from the trees of Sniggerton Wood and break out in laughter when some poor furball slips on them.


A custard pie in your furry face isn't funny! But sometimes Chop Chop and the other Cheeky Chimps just don't know when playtime's over. Ha-dee-ha!

Joker in the pack!

When Cheeky Chimps aren't climbing trees, they enjoy aping around the City. These jokesters like to play naughty pranks on unsuspecting monsters, like glooping their victims with gooberries. Watch out!

Data file

Moshling type: Ninjas

Species: Cheeky Chimp

Likes: Devising elaborate pranks and schemes

Ninja pals: Sooki-Yaki, Shelby, General Fuzuki


  • Big brain for conjuring up new jokes and pranks
  • Ninja bandana is the trademark of a cool warrior
  • A long tail is good for Ninja moves and quick-swinging getaways.


Hab chop chop

Most Cheeky Chimps swing through the vines of Sniggerton Woods, but some prefer hiding in closets before jumping out and shouting "Boo!"



Ninjarish, naughty and impish.


Tying shoelaces together and flicking ears.


Political talk shows and runny porridge.


  • Chop Chop's bandanna is a strip of a Super Moshi cape.
  • Chop Chop has the lowest Moshling rank/number with his being #002.
  • Chop Chop has a popular April Fools' Day gift, known as 'Pie in your face!', where Chop Chop picks up a delicious pie, and before you know it, it's dripping from your computer screen!
  • Chop Chop is one of the main characters in Moshling Rescue! and appears when completing a level with 3 stars.
  • Despite not being one of the figures in the The Magnificent Moshi Circus series, Chop Chop is promoted as such as they were planned to feature as an exclusive figure to an unreleased playset, and is the only figure that cannot stand, as it hangs from a pole on the set.

Edible Merchandise

Chop Chop is featured in the Moshlings Magic Water. The flavor of the drink is Banana Surprise.



In-game Items

Mash-Up Cards


Music Videos


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