Clem is a Gift Island Roarker, specifically a RoboDonut Roarker. The RoboDonut is the mecha he controls to make the heavy gift work easier for him, and he's thus often seen in the cockpit of this machinery.


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When Gift Island needed a Roarker to operate the new parcel-sorting robot, the RoboDonut, Clem know he was the ideal critter for the job. He loves his work and has been doing it for so many years that he could probably operate the giant piece of clanking confectionery in his sleep!
Donut power!
The RoboDonut has certainly sped up present-sorting. With Clem’s skills at the controls, and the RoboDonut’s long robotic limbs, this machine can shovel packages faster than ten Roarkers at once!
Clem MC
When cool Clem is not working on Gift Island, he loves to chill out at his apartment to the huge collection of hip-hop music on his M-pod (Monster-pod). He’s quite the dancer too—this monster’s got rythm!
Data file
Location: Gift Island
Job: RoboDonut Roarker
Likes: Listening to hip-hopmusic
Often seen: In the cockpit of the RoboDonut

  • Little Clem sits in the head of the RoboDonut to work with the controls.
  • Extra big-spade for super efficient shovelling.
  • The RoboDonut has long legs so that it can step over huge piles of gifts.


Listening to Hop-Hop music and working on robotic donut rigs are Clem's favourite hobbies. Fortunately, Gift Island needed a RoboDonut Roarker, and Clem was the first choice for the job.


  • Clem is the only Roarker to be unclickable for an additional animation.


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