Crazy Daisy are one of the two Seeds that only Members can buy at Super Seeds to attract Moshlings. They cost only 1 Rox, though formerly they costed 15 Rox.


Crazy Daisies just love rockin' and swayin' in the wind!


Main article: Moshipedia

Use this Super Seed as part of a combo to catch ShiShi or I.G.G.Y. and more!

Moshlings Attracted

  1. Humphrey
  2. Jeepers
  3. ShiShi
  4. Burnie
  5. I.G.G.Y.
  6. Cutie Pie
  7. White Fang
  8. Rocky
  9. Cleo
  10. Oompah
  11. HipHop
  12. Prickles
  13. Dribbles
  14. Chirpy
  15. Linton
  16. Bubbly
  17. Lurgee
  18. Ziggy
  19. Pipsi (unreleased)
  20. Shimmy (unreleased)
  21. Toots (unreleased)
  22. Topsy Turvy (unreleased)


  • All the Moshlings in the Beasties set include the Crazy Daisy in their combination.


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