S2M3 Creepy Crawlies
Creepy Crawlies are the Moshi Monsters equivalent for 'bugs', mostly known for being ingredients to Hoodoo Stew. They are defined as:
  • Having resemblance to small and microscopic organism (insects, spiders, plankton, bacteria)
  • Being small of size; smaller than a Moshling.
Creepy Crawlies are known to hide inside the jungle plants and trees!


Species among Creepy Crawlies

Fire Bugs

Fire Bugs are fireflies and ingredients to create the Glumping Potion, which appeared in The Great Moshi Beanstalk. Their first appearance was in Spooktacular Spectacular to light up the Glump-o-Lanterns. They appear in the minigame Beanstalk Bounce as background decoration.

What defines a fire bug is unclear. Luminescent insects are the most common design choice among Creepy Crawlies, but if this makes all of them belonging to the fire bug species is uncertain.

Subspecies names among Fire Bugs are found in the files, but due to them being in .lua format it is unknown what name belongs to what fire bug.

  • Spark Bug
  • WiFly
  • Plug Bug
  • Battery Beetle


Sillipedes, pun on "Millipedes" but design-wise confused with "Centipedes", are a Creepy Crawlies that appeared in Bungle in the Jungle. They're an ingredient for the Hoodoo Stew, as "Millipedes" appear in traditional medicine around the world and Woolly (Blue) Hoodoos are representatives of people who practice this. Sillipedes were mentioned again in Quincy's biography. Buster Bumblechops mentioned in Prickle's biography that the crawling of the species on ones skin causes itching. According to Quincy's biography, swarms of sillipedes can attack, making Sillipedes a aggressive species.


Appeared in Bungle in the Jungle


Gloworms appeared in the final part of the Moshi Movie Mystery. The Gloworms first appeared as dark-green and sad-looking, but when the Twistmas Hoodoos played music, they became brigher and happier, making them the Twistmas Lights of the Twistmas Tree.


Flutterbies appear in the Flutterby Field mini-game, and can be found in a field of the same name. They come in a variety of colours each of which is of a different rarity.

In Hoodoo Stew

Main article: Hoodoo Stew
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Season 1 Mission 1

Season 2 Mission 3

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