Cry Baby the Underground Tunnel Howler is the purple critter behind bars in The Underground Tunnels. When he is clicked on, he will let out a cry.


Character Encyclopedia

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Waaaaaaaaah! This baby monster cries - a lot! He's actually a first grader, but don't be too harsh on Cry Baby when he's howling at monstrously loud decibels. The little critter just wants some attention. After all, it is rather dark and scary in those damp Underground Tunnels where he lives.


Cry Baby could leave his barred prison in the Underground Tunnels any time he wishes, but he loves attention from monster owners and waits there daily to give another howling cry. He's only in his first grade - give him a break!


Attention, cuddles and lullabies.


  • Although he appears to be trapped, he can remove the bars.

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