The Design a Moshling Contest 2013 was a Moshling designing contest, first announced in the Moshi Monsters Magazine Issue 27. The Daily Growl revealed Pinestein, designed by Crocmonsieur2004, as the winner.

Unlike in the 2012 contest, only first place was to be transelated into the Moshi swooniverse as a Moshling character. This being the main prize, the winner also received £500 worth of arts and crafts material for their school. The runners ups got a bag of Moshi Goodies.

Winners and Runners Up

  • Winner - Pinestein by Crocmonsieur2004
  • Runner Up 1 - Skiwi by Firetoad12
  • Runner Up 2 - Velosirapper by Delboydog201202
  • Runner Up 3 - Leonardo Da Pinchi by Annabelle299

First round Runners Up

  • Runner Up 4 - Boxer by Jr0417
  • Runner Up 5 - Barky by Moshilauren98771

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