The Design a Moshling Contest 2014 (commonly known as DAM 2014) is the third 'Design a Moshling' competition. It ran from March 13th 2014 until June 6th, 2014.

Winner and Runners-up





First Prize

The winning design will be turned into an official Moshling! The winner will also receive a complete set of series 1-10 Moshling figurines and £500 worth of art supplies for their school!

Runners-up Prizes

Three runners-up will each receive £500 worth of art supplies, plus a stack of Moshi Goodies!


Mr. Moshi's choice of top 10 Moshling designs will be made into in-game items that will be on sale in Monstro City. Vote for your favourite by decorating your room with your top pick! The most popular item will win the top prize! The 2nd, 3rd and 4th most popular Moshling designs will be the runners-up.


  • This creator of Sancho, jr0417, was also a runner-up in Design a Moshling Contest 2013, with Boxer.
  • Sweet Cheeks' poster description, found in their XML files, had not listed the creator, and they are therefore unknown.


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