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Dewy is the shopkeeper of the D.I.Y. Shop, obsessed with the DIY subject itself, and is a rather careless individual in every aspect of that word.

Dewy blogged in place of Roary Scrawl when he went on holiday in 2009, even though Roary Scrawl had forbidden him from using his computer after.

Dewy's clumsiness made a cameo in Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park, where it manifested itself through frantic steering and crashing of a plane.

He made another cameo in Moshi Monsters Village as the owner of the D.I.Y. Shop, much like in-game, though note it had a different layout and sold different products, including Moshlings. The game's credits can be accessed from such.

Dewy also has a Jollywood counterpart and cousin, Spewy, who resembles him in the face, but has styled, albeit messy hair, magenta eyeliner and eyelids, has green lips, an eyebrow piercing, a spiked necklace, lacks a watch and cap and sports a leather jacket with pins.


Character Encyclopedia

Meet Dewy, a rather scatty, DIY-obsessed monster who runs the DIY Shop on Sludge Street. When he's not helping Monsters select a rare Raarghly Bear Rug or a Gloop Shelf to display their knick-knacks, Dewy leafs through The Hammer Times and gets inspired with ideas for fantastic new things to invent.
DIY Shop
Dewy's store provides exquisite flooring, windows, doors and shelves to the monsters of Monstro City. Dewy even designs many of the items himself!
Ingenious inventor
Dewy is most proud of his jet-powered jelly bean sorter, made from a plastic fork, a rubber band, a wooden plank and Bangers and Mash! It was gloopendous—until it went haywire, dragging poor Dewy along the streets of Monstro City!
Data File
Location: The DIY Shop, Sludge Street
Job: Owner of the DIY Shop
Likes: DIY, of course, and Slug Slurp Slushies

  • Dewy's wild fur-do is crazy and messy, just like Dewy himself.
  • Being a DIY kinda guy, Dewy patches up his old clothes rather than shop for new ones.


Dewy is a real DIY kind of guy. He once constructed a jet-powered jelly bean sorter out of a plastic fork, Bangers and Mash, a rubber band, and a Plank. He loves flipping through back issues of Hammer Times and getting brain freezes from Slug Slurp Slushies.
The DIY Shop, Sludge Street.
DIY and Slug Slurp Slushies.


  • Spewy - cousin
  • Moe Yukky - best friend who is often annoyed by him for being untidy. They were rivals for Tamara Tesla's love.
  • Snozzle Wobbleson - used the leftover gloop from Icky the Gloop Monster for food.[citation needed] Their relationship is unclear, but per this, it's likely that Dewy at least trusts Snozzle.
  • Roary Scrawl - best friend
  • Tamara Tesla - his former "love" interest, relationships are rather unclear since the events of 2010 but they appear to be friends. He and several other characters had a dance-off, hosted by Tyra Fangs[1], with the better performer winning a Valentine's date with Tamara - Dewy and Moe Yukky were apparently the two final contenders, since they mutually won the dance-off - but, unfortunately, the Forum post which detailed this has since been removed.[2]


Dewy's appearance is intent on trying to make the viewer generalise and draw an immediate conclusion of him. He's clad in what appears to be his own checkered T-shirt (something considered informal to wear to work) with a cap of synonymous bee-like black and yellow colours, whence another informal conclusion is made. Dewy seems to have eternal bed hair, too, since it certainly sticks out, albeit rather becomingly. Two large bucked teeth protrude from his mouth, once again to refer to this informal and messy personality.


Date Area Event
April 16, 2008 D.I.Y. Shop Moshi Monsters opens to the public, with the D.I.Y. Shop starting shop with it.
June 24, 2009 Daily Growl[3] Roary Scrawl asks Dewy to work on The Daily Growl while on hiatus from work, holidaying to Syd's Knee
June 26, 2009 Daily Growl[4] Dewy's second post thereon, this time blogging more pertinently about the trip of Tyra Fangs and Roary Scrawl. He closes it off by asking the readers what would happen next.
September 2, 2009 Daily Growl[5] Dewy plans to prank BFF Moe Yukky because of his neat and tidiness, something Dewy despises. He reaches out to the readers to give him a good idea for a prank in exchange for Random Rox!.
Six days later, it was disclosed in a Daily Growl post that Dewy slopped Moe Yukky, but Moe's reaction was admittedly accepting and acquiescing.[6]
September 14, 2009 Daily Growl[7] The post seems either unfinished, or deleted in parts, with it finishing on an abrupt note. All that is intelligible is that Dewy's shop was squeaky-clean, something it is not (and something Dewy abhors). His name is also misspelled as 'Dewey'.
February 1, 2010 Daily Growl[8] Fast forward to 2010 and Dewy's having a love showdown with Moe Yukky to win the heart of Tamara Tesla, which unpremeditatedly stems to a dance off therebetween.
November 19, 2010 Series 1 Mash Up Has a card, DIY Poke in the Eye 41 Mash and Hammer 'N' Nail Flail 55 Mosh
October 6, 2011 Pick Your Path 2: Moshling Mayhem[9] Makes a cameo, with the player trying to find him
September ?, 2011 Season 2 Mash Up Has a card, DIY Poke in the Eye 46 Mash and Hammer 'N' Nail Flail 60 Mosh (has a minor +5 buff from Season 1)
November 17, 2011 Series 1 Mega Bloks[10] Has a figurine
May 2012 (day unknown) D.I.Y. Shop[11] Dewy inadvertently attracts Icky the Gloop Monster through a string of coincidences, with a small minigame debuting because thereof. In Icky's wake, a number of gloop-based items were created.
September 13, 2012 Series 3 Mash Up Has a card, Red Fur Blur 73 Mash and Toolkit Hit 51 Mosh
July 9, 2013 Gustbusters Makes a cameo
May 19, 2014 Moshi Monsters Village Shopkeeper of the D.I.Y. Shop (has the namesake)
Quest character


  • An odd detail in his Mash-up art (as well as a dance-off Daily Growl depiction) shows him having a piece of gum stuck underneath his left shoe. It is likely there as a metaphor for his clumsy tendencies or how he is unclean and careless.





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