The Diner is a location in Moshi Monsters: The Movie. It is where Poppet and Katsuma meet up with Roary Scrawl for his documentary/movie. This is also where Diavlo, LuvliFuri and Zommer are introduced.

The Diner is located next to Gabby's Cafe, and seems to share employees. However, when the monsters are leaving the Diner is shown next to Bizarre Bazaar and another building, this isn't the cafe as it has a red roof while the cafe has a blue one.

The diner has only been mentioned once outside of the Movie and in the mainstream franchise. This is in Splitz's biography and habitat, stating that Yella Fella's frequent the diner.


  • Green monster (bartender)
  • Purple cyclops (waiter)


  • Two screen on the bar side, one being a television screen.
  • Jukebox
  • Dishes room open for customers to wander in





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