Dizzee Bolt, the chief engineer of En-Gen, is a character in Moshi Monsters.

Dizzee is a playable character, as she is used to play the En-Gen game which can be playable via Main Street.


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Monstro City's Chief EN-GENeer, Dizzee Bolt, is proud to wear her special hard hat and overalls. No Monster works harder to maintain the EN-GEN system and keep Monstro City supplied with energy. It's though work, but Dizzee swaps her spanners and pliers for knitting needles and dumbbells to wind down and switch off.
Monstro City depends on the EN-GEN systems for all its energy. To prevent a disaster of monsterific proportions, Dizzee Bolt has to keep the MonstroWatts levels high.
Powerful work
Maintaining the nuts and bolts of the EN-GEN system is a pretty tricky job when you've only got one pair of paws. So Dizzee employs a team of Roarkers to help her maintain the EN-GEN systems. What a gloopendous job they do!
Data file
Hangout: EN-GEN on Main Street
Likes: Arranging rip-roaring roar-b-q parties
Roarker co-workers: Ken Tickles, Bjorn Squish, Clem, Elwood

  • Hard hat with rotating blade for hovering in the EN-GEN room
  • Standard green and orange EN-GEN uniform


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Maintaining the nuts and bolts of the EN-GEN system is tough work for Dizzee Bolt, who takes pride in her hard hat and coveralls. Monstro City's Chief EN-GENeer's hobbies include knitting, weight-lifting, sludge sizzling and roar-b-q parties.


  • Dizzee wears a hard hat with a rotating blade for hovering in the EN-GEN room.
    • She also wears the standard green and orange EN-GEN uniform.




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