For the item, see Dundee (item).

Dundee is a red crocodile whom is the pet to Crazy Bill. He appeared in Season 2: Mission 3: Bungle in the Jungle.

According to Crazy, Dundee's favourite things are swimming and eating fried Oobla Doobla. His normal diet is raw Oobla Doobla.


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Dundee is Crazy Bad Bill's pink pet croc-monster. He likes nothing better than chomping on Oobla Doobla while sunning himself in Snaggletooth Swamp.

Issue 61 - Meet Crazy Bad Bill's Oobla Doobla loving crocodile. You can get a Dundee for you Monster's room by using the DUNDEE18 code at


Making his first appearance when you ring the triangle, Crazy Bill, his caretaker, already spoke of him. He functions as a crank to lift up Sprockett and Hubbs out of the swamp. Giving him fried Oobla Dooble is granted by an Epic.

Personality & Habits

Crazy Bill informs Super Moshi that Dundee gets cranky over being called for food but not receiving any after you rang for no reason. All Dundee utters is a disappointed grunt. Due to being a pet, Crazy treats them as such, feeding them from what is clearly meant to be a bowl for dogs, most likely overfeeding him a bit, and also made him wear a cat bell collar. The cat bell is worn by cats to alert other creatures of their presence and approach. This implies Crazy had need for Dundee to wear something that either warns himself or other creatures.


Dundee is a bit overweight and jumps with his body as his paws do not reach the floor. His main colours are red and pink. His irises are of similar design as the jungle's frogs; dots with a stripe on the side. His tongue that he has sticking out is oddly striped in two different blue colours. He wears a blue collar with a cat bell and sports a brown sort of top hat with an non-carved bone jammed through the crown. The latter is supposed to depict a commonly used prop to depict a cannibalistic caricature.

Dundee is not shown capable of speech in the missions. In the comics he is shown to be able to reason but speaks in thoughts that Crazy Bill cannot interact with. In the A-Z Monthly Moshirific Guide of Issue 61, he was given a regular speech bubbly implying he actually utters the line.


  • Dundee is named after the movie title "Crocodile Dundee".
  • An item of Dundee can be obtained by using the code DUNDEE18.



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