Fabio is a green Glump with a pink quiff on the top of his head and a set of three blunt teeth between yellow lips. He has pink eyes and pink lines on his cheek, a feature unique among fellow Glumps. He is featured in the Series 2 Figures.


Character Encyclopedia

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Fabio is definitely one of Dr. Strangeglove's most dimwitted dastardly minions. Sadly, this doesn't stop him from carrying out the Doctor's sinister missions, as he doesn't have the brains to ask questions! He just goes for his target, three teeth at the ready for his fearsome fighting move: the Triple Tooth TerrorBite![note 1]
Cakes, gloopendous cakes!
Fabio can eat like there's no tomorrow! He's especially fond of sprinkle-topped iced cakes, and will stop at nothing in order to snaffle up their sugary gooeyness!
Fabio doesn't have the brains for doing much other than chomping his enemies into pieces with his triple-toothed chops. The rest of his time is spent combing and gunging his silly pink quiff into shape.
Data file

  • Location: Top secret
  • Job: C.L.O.N.C. minion
  • Features: Three teeth, a pink hair-don't


  • Vacant, dim stare
  • Perfectly-groomed pink quiff
  • Fabio once tried to eat his own teeth, but he found them too glumpy!


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Capable of chomping up enemies in seconds with a Triple Tooth TerrorBite, this dim-witted Glump is interested in only two things: eating and perfecting that silly pink quiff. Fabio has even tried eating his teeth but they taste bad.

The Official Collectable Figures Guide

Apart from perfecting that ridiculous pink quiff and eating, this mindless Glump is also capable of crunching enemies in seconds with a Triple Tooth TerrorBite. Foolish Fabio has even tried eating his own teeth but they tasted, well, toothy!


  • Glumps did not initially have a name before their creation. Mr. Moshi gave Fabio and Freakface their names, whereas the others were named by the Moshi Monsters community.



Mash Up Cards



  1. Such also featured in his Series 1 Mash Up card.

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