Flumpy the Pluff is a rare Moshling from the Fluffies set in Moshi Monsters, resembling a fuzz ball. Flumpy has a fluffy, white, disheveled body and peach colored arms and legs. The top of Flumpy's shoes is custard-colored, while the bottom part is blue.


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Many monsters think Pluffs are the most chilled-out Moshlings of all. And it's hard to disagree when you see them strolling through the Cotton Clump plantations, arms dangling, grinning as if they haven't a care in the world. If you want to chillax, you can't beat hanging out with a gang of Pluffs. I've enjoyed many a sunny afternoon stretched out on my deckchair 'researching' these friendly Fluffies. They don't even mind when I take photos and ask them to sign my postcards. Wish you were here? It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

Mini Bio

Monsters often say that Pluffs are the most chilled out of all the Moshlings. It's hard to disagree when you see them strolling through the Cotton Clump plantations, arms dangling at their side, huge grins on their face with not a care in the world. If you want to chillax, then look no further.

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Pluffs can be found in the Cotton Clump Plantation but they also enjoy strolling through Monstro City, smiling at everyone they meet! The most chilled out of all Moshlings, their extra long arms are great for giving extra big hugs.
Pluffs are also very neat and clean - they can't stand clutter! You'll often find them donning rubber gloves in order to give their furniture a good polish, or maybe even using their heads!


Hab flumpy

The Pluff's natural habitat is the Cotton Clump plantations, but you'll often see them strolling around town, smiling to the world.



Cheerful, carefree, big-hearted.


Rubber gloves and furniture polish.


Clutter and the smell of damp.


Flumpy imposter
  • Flumpy likes rubber gloves as, because of the length of their arms being so large by comparison to the remainder of their body that they make contact with the ground, they block friction and pain from it.
  • In Moshi Monsters: The Movie, Fishlips dressed up as a caricature of them, with the same dishevelled body and characteristically long arms, albeit with red eyes and Fishlips's green mouth and single, bucked tooth. This imposter wreaked havoc within the first five minutes of said film.






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