For the game element, see Food Factory.

The Food Factory collectables are the twelfth series of Moshi Monsters collectable figures, manufactured by Vivid Imaginations. They were released in January 2015.




Collector Cards



  • The series was first revealed on the Free the Moshlings website, where a teaser could be found at the bottom of the page, showing five of the Moshlings to be included in the series. It was later altered, including four different ones.
    • The website showed that Carter and Hot Wings may have intended to feature in this series, due to their inclusion in the original teaser.
    • This teaser was added to "" on January 21, 2015.
  • This set was the first to be released which wasn't classed as a "series" and based round a theme.
  • This the first release of a figure set that has been considered as "themed collectables" rather than a "series".
  • The theme for the series is the Food Factory and all characters are related to food.
  • This series is the first series since series 1 and series 2 not to have a blogger countdown. 
  • This is the first series since Series 7 to feature characters that aren't Moshlings.
    • This is also the first series where characters have been available in different finishes.
  • The Collector Cards will feature "crazy Moshling recipes" and access to an exclusive Food Factory game.
    • The Moshling recipes are biographies of the collectable characters and the access to the Food Factory games are secret codes, which also double-up as Rox codes for Moshi Monsters.
  • In this series, base (common) figures are known as 'Menu' figures, whilst the ultra rare figures are known as 'Specials'. This is a play on a restaurant menu.
  • The series is available in France as an image of a blind bag clearly shows French being used, however this is still yet unknown as the image was found on a UK site.
  • There are two commercials for the Food Factory collectables, one is thirty seconds long and features the Ice Scream VanCandy Floss Spinner and the collectable figures. A twenty second long one features just the collectables.
    • In these advertisements, near to the end where the figures are on a conveyor belt, the raspberry ripple Coolio, exclusive to the Ice Scream Van, is shown in place of the Food Factory Coolio. It is unknown why.


Moshi Food Factory Collectables00:21

Moshi Food Factory Collectables


Moshi Food Factory Playsets00:21

Moshi Food Factory Playsets


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