Freakface is a teal slobberish Glump with dribble oozing from his mucky pink mouth. He also has a drop dead piece of yellowish hair hanging from his forehead. He has a purple blotch on each side of his face and two oddly shaped teeth-one small blunt one and another taller spiked tooth.


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This greenish globbish Glump must have graduated with honours from the School of Drool because it can’t stop dribbling. Not that manners matter because Freakface is a master of the Burbling Gurgling Gobstopper. Yeew, slimy!

The Official Collectable Figures Guide

When it comes to dribbling, no Glump is better than Freak Face. He likes to drench his enemies in the most dire drool and then run away laughing with his evil laugh.


  • Glumps did not initially have a name before their creation. Mr. Moshi gave Freakface and Fabio their names.
  • In a Daily Growl post, it was revealed that Smitheroo thought Freakface should be named "Grumblechops". This was likely passed down due to the similarity with Buster Bumblechops and not due to it being a fan competition alone, since Mustachio's staff-based name, Mustacho, is more or less the same.



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