Futuristic Falls is a future-themed location that Cap'n Buck visited in 2010. It appears to be giant floating city with futuristic buildings at the bottom of a waterfall.

The Futuristic Falls appeared in a comic on the Official Annual 2014. It is inhabitated by flying robots that were controlled by Dr. Strangeglove but were later destroyed by Tiki by pecking on the main control computer.

Message from the Future

June 27, 2010

Hellooooo! This morning I was out at The Port serenading the seagulls with my latest rendition of Katy Scary's Growlifornia Gulls, when all of a sudden something touched my foot. It was a message in a bottle!

Buck Note Futuristic Falls

SWEET! I'm glad Cap'n Buck sent us a note, but I wish he'd told us when he's coming back to Monstro City. He's SO unpredictable!

Cap'n Buck Returns From Futuristic Falls

June 30, 2010

Cap'n Buck travelled all the way to the FUTURE to get this boatload of booty. Who knew? The CloudyCloth Clipper is also a time machine! Luckily, Cap'n Buck was nice enough to sit down with me for an interview.

RS: Hey Cap'n Buck! What can you tell us about The Future?
CB: The cars be flyin', thar be robot butlers, an' I learned a joke. What do swabbies in th' future do when thar`s a storm a brewin'?
RS: Whoah. Hmmm? I don't know!
CB: They take hover! (Get 't? Like take cover)
RS: Ha! You always know how to crack me up! What did you bring back?
CB: I canna tell ye everythin', but I did brin' aft one o' them robot butlers...
RS: Ok, I guess we'll have to go see for ourselves!


  • Hansel asked "What do the people look like?" in the comic, which is strange because the term "people" was never used before.


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