List of Games Starcade wares

Games Starcade

Games Starcade is a members-only store in Moshi Monsters. It is located on Sludge Street and owned by Raarghly. Monster owners can buy Arcade machines with a playable mini game on it for their monsters' room.


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Raarghly is a red octopus-like monster with stalks that connect to his eyes, bucked teeth and a crescent-shaped smile. He is commonly seen riding a floating green spaceship of some sort featuring blue lights, a joystick and many other gizmos and contraptions. Raarghly gives out Quests, features in the Series 6 Figures and additionally made an appearance in the first part of Gustbusters.

List of Wares


  • The Moshipedia claims that Peppy's Stuntbike is sold in the Starcade, suggesting there was once plans to add it into the shop.