The Glammoth is a mythical creature yet unproven to actually exist, alike previously the Gloop Monster.

On one of his voyages, Captain Buck visited the Safari Sandbar where he brought back various items related to the Glammoth.

News article

This mysterious figure was spotted by keen amateur nature photographer Fumble Papazino during a trip to the Gumey Peaks.

Fumble Papazino caught a glimpse of this "strange, shadowy creature" looming ahead of him in the morning mist. 

Fumble says the creature did not appear to be disturbed by his presence but as he tried to get closer it vanished mysteriously into the swirling fog.

Could this be the evidence of the Glammmoth's existence?



  • The Glammoth is a portmanteau of the word "glam" and the prehistoric animal "mammoth".
  • It has antlers, unlike mammoths as they have tusks instead.
  • Its habitat is the Safari Sandbar.
  • Nobody knows what a complete Glammoth looks like.

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