Glump-O-Lanterns are furniture items, resembling the Glumps, which were sold at the Rare & Scare during Halloween 2012. They costed 25 Rox each and required your Monster to be on level 3 to level 6. Each gave 20 happiness points upon purchase.

As the Rare & Scare is unreachable, due to the Moshis vs Ghosts event of Halloween 2013, these items have become unobtainable. Due to being provided as a code item too, the Mustachio Glump-O-Lantern is still available. Its code is FREAKYFRIGHT.


Somewhere beyond Ghoulish Gorge, just past the Rancid Ravine lies a little Glumpkin patch where members of C.L.O.N.C. carve Glump-O-Lanterns for all of Monstro City to enjoy.

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Item Description

Just beyond Ghoulish Gorge, past the Rancid Ravine lies a little Glumpkin patch where members of C.L.O.N.C. carve these little Glump-O-Lanterns.

Pirate Pong description

Glumpkins Pirate Pong scan

From Moshi Monsters Magazine: Issue 23:

The rarest of all the Glumpkins because members of C.L.O.N.C. must sew together each eyepatch individually.

  • Health: 0
  • Level: 6
  • Price: 50 Rox
  • Happiness: 100



  • Interestingly, the description of the Pirate Pong item has incorrect values and shows what the series of items was intended to be named - it gives the incorrect price of 50 and happiness of 100 (it should be 25 and 20 respectively), and refers to the item as 'Glumpkins Pirate Pong', which was perhaps the initial name for the series. It is likely that the Pirate Pong one was the first in the series, hence why it is the only one featured; all of the others are sold in the same location and have the same values, with the exception of the level.

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