The Goggle Eyed Wall Trout is a wall decoration that is sold at Horrods in Moshi Monsters.


This is nothing, I got a six eyed one, but it got away...


  • The Daily Growl held a contest on October 29, 2010, asking members to come up with a short story about where this item came from.
  • The Goggle Eyed Wall Trout was originally found in Bizarre Bazaar, but with the membership change it moved to Horrods.
  • Despite being a Members-only item, it is in your inventory when you first join Moshi Monsters.
  • He sings a 'How Much Is That Doggie In The Window' spoof called 'How Much Is That Fishie In The Window'.
  • There is a supposed beta version of the item, depicting a swordfish pinned in lieu of the trout (see below image).
MichaelDolan fish

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