The Googenheim Giant Crab, also known as Pinchy, is a character in Moshi Monsters. They are one of the three crabs that live in Crabby Cove and is the largest known crab in the game.

They dropped their giant mittens on Ooh La Lane, trapping Raffles underneath by accident. What they used their mittens for or why they left them is not made clear.

Scuttling away as they had outgrown their new home, even though only having occupied it for about a day, Super Moshi confronts them on their theft for their new home on their back is The Googenheim. Giant Crab was not aware they were stealing the building but found a replacement anyhow, although it not being quite right for Giant Crab's taste. Decorating it with balloons, lights, a banner and some paint, they leave the Art Gallery to occupy the decorated house.


Seeing how they had occupied an art gallery with a flashy design and wanted their other home to be fancied up, Giant Crab shows to have a taste for finer things. They are unaware of homes being owned by anyone if they are not carried on ones back and thus did not notice they were stealing anything.


They are the largest crab in the franchise. Unlike fellow smaller crabs, their eyes are on their face and not on stalks, and they wear glasses. Their right pincher is wrapped up in bandage and their left pincher has a yellow substance on it, as if they squashed a fruit with it.



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