The Groanas Brothers are a hit band in Moshi Monsters. They are a parody of the Jonas Brothers.

Their only known song, Growliwood, is playable at The Underground Disco (Game).


Growliwood (pun on "Hollywood")

The Groanas Brothers - Growliwood

List of Groanas Brothers

  • Squeaky Groanas
  • Geeky Groanas
  • Eeky Groanas


Of Flimsy Channel fame, these brothers have risen to stardom using actual stars they found in a Growliwood park. Well, that and a little bit of talent.

Squeaky clean and perfect in every way, the Groanas Brothers are so wholesome it hurts. That's why their success is baffling, because here in Monstro City, music fans like their stars to be gooey, ucky, weird and monstery.

Seen as the ultimate alternative band, this handsome trio started out as guests on Banana Montana's MonstroVision show before supporting (and blowing away) ancient boy band N-Stink. Now bigger than ever, the Groanas Brothers are busy starring in their own reality show, where fans can see them fixing their hair, standing around with their hands in their pockets and changing their outfits every five minutes.


Brown rice and water.


Hairosniff, Goo Fighters, and other horrid loud bands!


  • Tamara Tesla used to run sound for the Groanas Brothers. This was revealed by Roary Scrawl as an anwser to a question that came with the biography of the Groanas Brothers.

January 2, 2010 - January 3, 2010

"Did you know that one of our very own Monstro City residents used to run sound for the Groanas Brothers? It's true. Was it A) Miss Pinky, B) Tyra Fangs, or C) Tamara Tesla?"
"P.S. The answer to yesterdays question is C. Tamara Tesla. She used to run sound for The Groanas Brothers before they made it big. Love the things you find out at New Years parties..."



Mash-Up Cards

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