Hairosniff is a band in Moshi Monsters and a parody of the band Aerosmith.

Their biography states the existence of other songs, "Don't Wanna Sniff a Thing" (pun on "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing") and "Squawk this Way" (pun on "Walk this Way"), but only Poppet (Looks Like A Furi) is available on The Underground Disco.



Poppet (Looks Like a Furi) (pun on "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)")

Hairosniff - Poppet (Looks Like a Furi)


Character Encyclopedia

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After a trip to Backwards Island, they wrote the song Poppet (Looks Like a Furi) and have felt confused ever since.

Led by legendary big-mouthed screamer, Screech McPiehole, Hairosniff have gone through more band members than bottles of aargh-garita. But that hasn't stopped them churning out mega-hits such as "Don't Wanna Sniff a Thing" and "Squawk this Way".

As well as recording some classic tunes, these wrinkly monsters of rock have been touring the Moshi world for as long as anyone can remember. When they're not stumbling around on stage or guzzling wobble-ade by the gallon, they enjoy wrapping scarves around their walking frames, brushing their wigs and moaning about the price of boiled sweets. Help! The aged!


Boil-in-the-bag codswallop and really tight pants.


Wimpy music and daylight.

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