The Hatekeeper is the cousin of Gatekeeper and Datekeeper. He guards the Fiery Castle. He is a guard for C.L.O.N.C. at the Fiery Castle and hates the Super Moshis.


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Recognize this face? It belongs to the Hatekeeper and bears a family resemblance to the Gatekeeper, but these two second cousins could not be more different. While the Gatekeeper guards the Super Moshi HQ, the Hatekeeper works for their archenemy, C.L.O.N.C. This hateful monster is the black sheep of the family!

Fiery lair

The Hatekeeper really hates goody-goodies, especially Super Moshis who try to get past him at the Fiery Castle, C.L.O.N.C.'s HQ.

Bottom of the pile

The Hatekeeper has always held a grudge against his virtuous cousin; when the Gatekeeper topped a tall totem pole, the Hatekeeper was stuck at the bottom and was an easy target for passing Puppies! Perhaps it was this lowly position that made the Hatekeeper choose evil over good and join C.L.O.N.C's sinister ranks.

Data file

Location: Fiery Castle Job: Gatekeeper guardian Family: His second cousin is the goody-two-shoes Gatekeeper. Likes: Blocking monsters' paths.


Thick, scowling eyebrows. Burning green flame of evil. Shiny precious stone.


Grumpy guardian of the Fiery Castle, the Hatekeeper is second cousin to the good ol' Gatekeeper of the Volcano. There's no love lost between these riddle-spewing relatives because the Hatekeeper still resents the fact that the Gatekeeper once topped the tallest totem pole in TikkyHaahaa while he was stuck at the bottom. Oh well, at least the passing Puppies loved him!



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