Hocus the Wonky Wizard is a common Moshling in the Gurus set in Moshi Monsters, resembling a wizard. 


LockedHocus CrocusLocked
Hot Silly PeppersSnap AppleSnap Apple

The combination above is not implemented in-game and thus does not attract Hocus when planted.


Many moons ago, these scatter-brained Moshlings would entertain Moshi royalty with jaw dropping feats of magic. But one fateful day a jealous king made their hats all wonky causing them to forget their spells. Thankfully Wonky Wizards can still perform using their enchanted curled up wands but only on days beginning with Z.


Originally from the mystical land of Alakazam, Wonky Wizards later settled in Presto Place.



Forgetful, wise, wonky.


Dungeons and dragons.


Square tables and newfangled technology.


  • Randall and Hocus are the only Moshlings that transform into a different creature when clicked, Hocus transforms to I.G.G.Y. while Randall transforms into a human.
  • Hocus is featured in the Series 7 Figures which released in late July 2013.
    • He featured as an Ultra-Rare figure but is Common online.
  • Before he was released in the Moshling Zoo, Hocus's species was 'Wonky Wowza'.
  • Weeny dislikes Wonky Wizards.
  • Hocus shares some similarities to Raffy. Both originally came from the mystical lands of Alakazam before settling in different places.
  • Hocus's liking of dungeons and dragons is a reference to the 1974 board game Dungeons & Dragons, which contains wizards.
    • This could possibly hint at its disliking of square tables, which are notably difficult to work with in board game sessions.
    • This also hints at its disliking of newfangled technology - Dungeons & Dragons, after all, is of a rather aged and classic genre.






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