Lost In Hong Bong Circle

Hong Bong is the habitat of Bashful Bowlheads and Kittens of Good Fortune.

Lost in Hong Bong took place here. The only known resident is Wobblesan, a shopkeeper. When you arrive in search of Cap'n Buck, the Hong Bong New Year is celebrated down town.



  • The currency is Gold Coins, making it the only known place that does not use Rox.
  • Although Hong Bong is based on- and uses attributes from China, it uses various Japanese elements as well.
    • Kittens of Good Fortune are based on a Maneki-neko, which are Japanese figurines, yet are native in Hong Bong.
    • Suey is shown with narutomaki, which is a Japanese type of topping for noodles.
    • Wobblesan has a one-eyed face on top of his shop that sticks its tongue out to you. This is based on a creature of Japanese folkore; the Kasa-Obake.
    • Wobblesan's name ends with -san, which is a Japanese way of working with names.
    • Benny Haha is from Hong Bong Island and is a Sushi chef, which is Japanese cuisine.
  • According to Marooned Five member Mavis, "ShiShi Moshlings" were seen here along with "Suey Moshlings". Although Bashful Bowlheads habitat is indeed Hong Bong, Sneezing Pandas are from Gogglebox Gulch.
  • The mission was released on January 17th. Chinese New Year was on February 10th. Although not being accurate, Hong Bong's new year is likely based on Chinese New Year.

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